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 Storm Damage

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– Circumstances

Mrs Jones – Tiles had lifted off the roof during a storm and have damaged the felt for the roof. This has allowed the rainwater into the property causing damage to the ceiling, tiles, walls and kitchen units.



Onsite Survey


Compile a Repair Schedule


Send Report to Insurers


Insurers inspect and also cost the Repair


Agree Costs with Insurers and Get Fully Repaired

How We Helped

We attended the property and carried out our site survey. It was noted that substantial damage had been caused to the ceiling which would require a patch repair to remove the damaged plasterboard and decorations to put right. The water had run down the wall into the kitchen units causing these to delaminate. Water had also run into adjoining rooms causing tiles to de-bond and the walls themselves to become saturated.

We compiled our repair schedule to replace the kitchen as the original units were no longer available, repair and make good the ceiling, remove and replace the tiles and decorations throughout.

We took over the entire claim on behalf of the client and reported to insurers who instructed their supply chain to inspect and cost the repair. They attended and carried out several checks.

Our costings for the damage equated to £13,100.00 less the clients £350 excess = £12,750.00

The supply chain surveyor that attended costed the repairs to be £2,853.18 less the excess = £2,503.18

This would not have covered the cost of the tiling to the floors let alone the remainder of the works such as full kitchen replacement, new ceiling, drying that was needed to the property and decorations. When you split everything down, to do all of the works required, it would have meant the client would have had to have found an electrician, carpenter, plasterer, tiler, painter and decorator, a full kitchen and a plumber. Per hour she would have to have paid per tradesman £2.80 per hour! Far far less than minimum wage.

When you are taking out an insurance policy, you are taking that policy out to ensure you are put back in the same position you were in before the incident happened. By offering such a low amount, the insurers are not abiding by this. Sadly, the insurers were not to blame in this instance and this was the agreed rates the supply chain were using.

As such, a complaint was raised with the insurers due to the financial position they were leaving the client in and a loss adjuster was appointed to review the matter.

We attended for a 2nd visit with the loss adjuster and he walked around the property, reviewed our costs and agreed for payment to be raised immediately so the insured could be put back into the same financial position she was in before the incident and not have to pay out of her own pocket to put right something she was fully insured for.

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