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1. Carry out visual inspection of your roof from ground level to see if all is in order such as no missing or cracked tiles

2. Make sure your guttering is clear of all leaves and other debris. Birds love to try and make nests wherever possible so they will often drop moss and twigs into gutters either to start their nests or to keep them somewhere hidden whilst they build their nest elsewhere. Make sure your drains are also kept clear.

3. If you have any garden furniture still out or loose fencing, ensure these are packed away, tied down and made safe. There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning to find a patio set has smashed its way through your windows or patio doors and you have additional dining room furniture!

4. Check around the seals of your windows. As winter is well and firmly here along with the rain and the wind, the wind will cause driving rain which will get in through any gaps. To protect your home from the elements, make sure everything is sealed and there are no holes where there shouldn’t be.

5. If you do spot damage to your property, give ClaimRite a call 01792 957812. Let us help you get the best possible payout and repair your property as quickly as possible.